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Spindle Bearings are used in different kinds of machines that need impeccable accuracy even while delivering high performance. These Bearings come with a single row design that has two raceways in inner and outer ring. These Bearings are manufactured with either a 15 degree or 25 degree angular contact depending on the application. Like some other ball bearings, these Bearings also have non moveable cage that holds balls in the ball bearing housing.


As mentioned above, these Bearings come with either a 15 degree or 25 degree angular contact and the overall load carrying capacity of the apparatus increases dramatically with the change in angle. Because of the design limitations, these Bearings are often used in pairs in order to adjust the axial load. These Bearings tend to have high axial and radial load carrying capacities because of their rigid design and engineering.


These Bearings come with either 15 or 25 degree angular contact and both of these angles deliver different results thus used in different applications and machines. 15 degree angular contact delivers more dial capacity and performance while the 25 degree angular contact comes with enhanced axial performance and load carrying capacity.

These bearings are designed either in separable parts or inseparable parts that have their own specifications and applications. In separable design, the ball bearing holding cage holds them so the outer ring can be dismantled from the apparatus while the inseparable these Bearings do not offer this feature.


These Bearings are made with different material depending on the characteristics of the product needed by the application. Usually they are made with corrosion resistant steel because of its strength while the balls are made with ceramic or steel based on different factors and requirements. In order to deliver high speed, manufacturers use solid plastic to support the device that also reduce friction and ultimately deliver high performance.


As these Bearings has two different types which are Open these Bearings and Closed these Bearings that have different load carrying capacities, performance, rigidity and overall specification, these Bearings are used in a wide range of machines and industries. These bearings are a popular choice for agricultural applications, conveyor technology and its applications, heavy duty machineries, mining and drilling equipments as well as in automation.


These Bearings come in two different types that come with different design, specifications and applications.

Open Spindle Bearings

They come with larger ball bearings to deliver more performance while the outer ring only comes with one shoulder in this particular type. This type of these Bearings has high load carrying capacity because of their design.

Closed Spindle Bearings

They have similar size as their counterpart yet there is a design difference inside the apparatus. Closed Spindle Bearings tend to have smaller ball bearings that reduce the load carrying capacity yet increase the lifespan of the apparatus because of enhanced axial performance and rigidity.

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