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Production Process

Bearing Production

Material Selection

In terms of material procurement, our company has developed a series of procurement control procedures for raw and auxiliary materials and outsourcing, and there are strict control procedures from the selection of qualified suppliers to the acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials.

All of our products use the best GCr15 steel. GCr15 steel is a kind of high carbon chromium bearing steel with low alloy content, good performance and wide application range. After quenching and tempering, the hardness is high, uniform, good wear resistance and high contact fatigue performance.

Bearing steel 40Cr

Production And Processing

1、Material Turning

Our turning shop has four advanced production lines. We use a combination of CNC lathe and C7220 hydraulic copying lathe. Each product has beautiful chamfer and size.

Material TurningMaterial Turning

2、Heat Treatment

Our company owns two automatic RJXQ-90 quenching and tempering automatic lines, one automatic production line of GX300 roller bottom quenching and tempering. The quenching consistency of the furnace is good, the hardness is uniform, the gas protection is oxygen-free and the deformation is small. It can effectively control the deformation, reduce the grinding allowance and improve the bearing life.

Heat TreatmentHeat Treatment

3、Product Grinding

Our company has six domestic advanced production lines; it can effectively guarantee the production of precision bearings. Moreover, we have conducted a 100% online inspection of key processes affecting bearing quality. At the final inspection, all items of the part are 100% inspected. The part pass rate is 100%.

Product GrindingProduct Grinding

4、Assembly And Inspection

We have two automatic cleaning lines. The rotation flexibility, noise, and assembly height are 100% full inspection by the person after cleaning, and the residual magnetism and cleanliness are re-lined. Ensure that the factory products are qualified.
Bearing installation workshopBearing installation workshop