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Product Quality Inspection

Bearing Quality Inspection

In terms of bearing quality control, the company always adheres to the principle of “high requirements, strict control, and quality first”. The company has set up a quality testing center, with more than 50 quality inspection and testing instruments, such as metallographic microscope, roundness meter, wheel gallery, JD-18 universal length measuring instrument and so on.

Bearing quality inspection project

For each batch of products produced, we will first check the basic dimensions. The tools used for on-site testing are: caliper 0.02mm, micrometer 0.01mm, dial gauge 0.01mm, dial gauge 0.001mm, torsion spring table 0.001mm\0.002 Mm, fan-shaped table 0.01mm, etc.;

Samples are then taken from each batch and professional instruments are used for more detailed quality testing.

Acceleration vibration: S0910
Speed vibration: BVT-1A
Inner diameter: D922 D923
Outer diameter: D051
Inner ring width: G903
Clearance: X092
Hardness: Rockwell hardness tester
Metallographic organization: metallographic microscope
Surface roughness: roughness instrument
Surface roundness: roundness meter
Others: bearing life test, dustproof test of sealed bearings, leak test of sealed bearings

Bearing quality inspectionDetecting the roundness of the bearingDetect bearing lengthBearing load capacity test

Inspection report

Our testing process for our products is very strict. Each order’s product will have a dedicated monitoring and inspection, and record the test results. The test report for each batch of products will remain for more than 2 years.

Bearing pressure strength test report Bearing roundness test report

Bearing material test report

Bearing force analysis report