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Needle bearing suppliers MFCR-85

Needle bearing suppliers

We are a professional manufacturer of bearings, supplying high quality bearings, can be customized for non-standard bearings, if you need bearings, please contact us.sales@shybearings.com https://www.shybearings.com/


Product number

Plain Track  Rollers Plain  Yoke Rollers
SMITH®                      McGill                Osborn                 PCI SMITH®                    Osborn                  PCI
PCR-1-1/2            PCF-1-1/2            PLR-1-1/2          PTR-1.50 PYR-3                 PLRY-3                    PTRY-3.00
PCR-1-3/4            PCF-1-3/4            PLR-1-3/4          PTR-1.75 PYR-3-1/4          PLRY-3-1/4             PTRY-3.25
PCR-2                  PCF-2                   PLR-2                 PTR-2.00 PYR-3-1/2          PLRY-3-1/2             PTRY-3.50
PCR-2-1/4            PCF-2-1/4            PLR-2-1/4          PTR-2.25 PYR-4                 PLRY-4                    PTRY-4.00
PCR-2-3/4            PCF-2-3/4            PLR-2-3/4          PTR-2.75 PYR-5                 PLRY-5                    PTRY-5.00
PCR-3                  PCF-3                   PLR-3                 PTR-3.00 PYR-6                 PLRY-6                    PTRY-6.00
PCR-3-1/4            PCF-3-1/4            PLR-3-1/4          PTR-3.25 PYR-7                 PLRY-7                    PTRY-7.00
PCR-3-1/2            PCF-3-1/2            PLR-3-1/2          PTR-3.50 PYR-8                 PLRY-8                    PTRY-8.00
Flanged  Yoke Rollers
SMITH®                    Osborn                  PCI
PCR-4                  PCF-4                   PLR-4                 PTR-4.00
PCR-4-1/2            PCF-4-1/2            PLR-4-1/2          PTR-4.50
PCR-5                  PCF-5                   PLR-5                 PTR-5.00
PCR-6                  PCF-6                   PLR-6                 PTR-6.00 PCR-7                  PCF-7                   PLR-7                 PTR-7.00 PCR-8                  PCF-8                   PLR-8                 PTR-8.00
Flanged Track  Rollers
FYR-3                 FLRY-3                    FTRY-3.00
FYR-3-1/4           FLRY-3-1/4             FTRY-3.25
FYR-3-1/2           FLRY-3-1/2             FTRY-3.50
SMITH®                      McGill                Osborn                 PCI FYR-4                 FLRY-4                    FTRY-4.00
FYR-5                 FLRY-5                    FTRY-5.00
FCR-1-1/2            FCF-1-1/2            FLR-1-1/2           FTR-1.50 FCR-1-3/4            FCF-1-3/4            FLR-1-3/4           FTR-1.75 FCR-2                   FCF-2                   FLR-2                  FTR-2.00
FYR-6                 FLRY-6                    FTRY-6.00
FYR-7                 FLRY-7                    FTRY-7.00
FYR-8                 FLRY-8                    FTRY-8.00
V-Grooved  Yoke Rollers
FCR-2-1/4            FCF-2-1/4            FLR-2-1/4           FTR-2.25
FCR-2-1/2            FCF-2-1/2            FLR-2-1/2           FTR-2.50
FCR-2-3/4            FCF-2-3/4            FLR-2-3/4           FTR-2.75
FCR-3                   FCF-3                   FLR-3                  FTR-3.00
FCR-3-1/4            FCF-3-1/4            FLR-3-1/4           FTR-3.25 SMITH®                    Osborn                  PCI
FCR-3-1/2            FCF-3-1/2            FLR-3-1/2           FTR-3.50
FCR-4                   FCF-4                   FLR-4                  FTR-4.00 VYR-4-1/2            VLRY-4-1/2           VTRY-4.50
VYR-5-1/2            VLRY-5-1/2           VTRY-5.50
FCR-4-1/2            FCF-4-1/2            FLR-4-1/2           FTR-4.50
FCR-5                   FCF-5                   FLR-5                  FTR-5.00 VYR-6-1/2            VLRY-6-1/2           VTRY-6.50
VYR-7-1/2            VLRY-7-1/2           VTRY-7.50
FCR-6                   FCF-6                   FLR-6                  FTR-6.00
VYR-8-1/2            VLRY-8-1/2           VTRY-8.50
FCR-7                   FCF-7                   FLR-7                  FTR-7.00 FCR-8                   FCF-8                   FLR-8                  FTR-8.00
V-Grooved Track  Rollers
SMITH                  McGill                Osborn                 PCI
VCR-3-1/2           VCF-3-1/2            VLR-3-1/2          VTR-3.50
VCR-4-1/2           VCF-4-1/2            VLR-4-1/2          VTR-4.50
VCR-5-1/2           VCF-5-1/2            VLR-5-1/2          VTR-5.50
VCR-6-1/2           VCF-6-1/2            VLR-6-1/2          VTR-6.50
VCR-7-1/2           VCF-7-1/2            VLR-7-1/2          VTR-7.50
VCR-8-1/2           VCF-8-1/2            VLR-8-1/2          VTR-8.50
U-Grooved Track  Rollers
SMITH® McGill Osborn PCI
UCR-2-15/16-1 UCF-2-15/16-1 ULR-2-15/16-A UTR-2.9375-A
UCR-2-15/16-2 UCF-2-15/16-2 ULR-2-15/16-B UTR-2.9375-B
UCR-2-15/16-3 UCF-2-15/16-3 ULR-2-15/16-C UTR-2.9375-C
UCR-2-15/16-4 UCF-2-15/16-4 ULR-2-15/16-D UTR-2.9375-D
UCR-2-15/16-5 UCF-2-15/16-5 ULR-2-15/16-E UTR-2.9375-E
UCR-2-15/16-6 UCF-2-15/16-6 ULR-2-15/16-F UTR-2.9375-F
UCR-2-15/16-7 UCF-2-15/16-7 ULR-2-15/16-G UTR-2.9375-G
UCR-2-15/16-8 UCF-2-15/16-8 ULR-2-15/16-H UTR-2.9375-H
UCR-2-15/16-9 UCF-2-15/16-9 ULR-2-15/16-I UTR-2.9375-I
UCR-2-15/16-10 UCF-2-15/16-10 ULR-2-15/16-J UTR-2.9375-J
Coding  for  Other Track  Rollers
Optional Feature SMITH® Osborn McGILL PCI
Eccentric Collar add suffix “E” add prefix “E” add prefix “E” add prefix “E”
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MPCR                    MFCR                  MVCR                 MPYR                 MFYR                MVYR
T r a c k    R o l l e r    B e a r i n g s Y o k e   T r a c k   R o l l e r   B e a r i n g s
Plain Track  Rollers Plain  Yoke Rollers
SMITH®                              Osborn SMITH®                                  Osborn
MPCR-26                    HPC-26 MPYR-62                      HPCA-62
MPCR-30                    HPC-30 MPYR-76                      HPCA-76
MPCR-32                    HPC-32 MPYR-80                      HPCA-80
MPCR-35                    HPC-35 MPYR-85                      HPCA-85
MPCR-40                    HPC-40 MPYR-90                      HPCA-90
MPCR-47                    HPC-47 MPYR-100                    HPCA-100
MPCR-50                    HPC-50 MPYR-125                    HPCA-125
MPCR-52                    HPC-52 MPYR-150                    HPCA-150
MPCR-62                    HPC-62 MPYR-200                    HIPCA-200
MPCR-72                    HPC-72 MPYR-250                    HPCA-250
V-Grooved  Yoke Rollers
SMITH®                              Osborn
MPCR-76                    HPC-76
MPCR-80                    HPC-80
MPCR-85                    HPC-85
MPCR-90                    HPC-90
MPCR-100                  HPC-100
MPCR-125                  HPC-125
MVYR-62                     HPVA-62
MPCR-150                  HPC-150
MVYR-76                     HPVA-76
MPCR-200                  HPC-200
V-Grooved Track  Rollers
SMITH®                           Osborn
MVYR-100                   HPVA-100
MVYR-125                   HPVA-125
MVYR-150                   HPVA-150
MVYR-200                   HPVA-200
MVYR-250                   HPVA-250
Flanged  Yoke Rollers
MVCR-26                   HPV-26
MVCR-32                   HPV-32
MVCR-40                   HPV-40
MVCR-62                   HPV-62 SMITH®                              Osborn
MVCR-76                   HPV-76
MFYR-62                     HPJA-62
MVCR-100                 HPV-100
MFYR-76                     HPJA-76
MVCR-125                 HPV-125
MFYR-80                     HPJA-80
Flanged Track  Rollers
MFYR-85                     HPJA-85
MFYR-90                     HPJA-90
MFYR-100                   HPJA-100
MFYR-125                   HPJA-125
MFYR-150                   HPJA-150
MFYR-200                   HPJA-200
MFYR-250                   HPJA-250
SMITH® Osborn
MFCR-26 HPJ-26
MFCR-30 HPJ-30
MFCR-32 HPJ-32
MFCR-35 HPJ-35
MFCR-40 HPJ-40
MFCR-47 HPJ-47
MFCR-50 HPJ-50
MFCR-52 HPJ-52
MFCR-62 HPJ-62
MFCR-72 HPJ-72
MFCR-76 HPJ-76
MFCR-80 HPJ-80
MFCR-85 HPJ-85
MFCR-90 HPJ-90
MFCR-100 HPJ-100
MFCR-125 HPJ-125
MFCR-150 HPJ-150
MFCR-200 HPJ-200


We are a professional manufacturer of bearings, supplying high quality bearings, can be customized for non-standard bearings, if you need bearings, please contact us.sales@shybearings.com https://www.shybearings.com/

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