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Thrust ball bearing

Thrust ball bearing

Bearing Introduction

Thrust ball bearings are used to withstand thrust loads and can withstand high speed operation. It consists of a ferrule with a spherical raceway. Since the ferrule is in the shape of a seat cushion, the thrust ball bearing is divided into two types: a flat seat cushion type and a spherical seat cushion type. This type of bearing can only withstand axial loads but cannot withstand radial loads.
The thrust ball bearing is composed of housing washer, shaft washer and a steel ball cage. The part of the part that is in contact with the shaft is called the shaft ring, and the part that is in contact with the outer casing is called a seat ring.

According to the force condition, the one-way thrust ball bearing and the two-way thrust ball bearing are divided. One-way thrust ball bearings can withstand one-way axial loads. Two-way thrust ball bearings that can withstand two-way axial loads.

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