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Wind Power

Wind Turbine Bearing

wind power.

Wind turbine bearing are special bearings for wind power.

As global pollution continues to deepen, the development and demand for green energy in the world is accelerating, and wind turbines are one of them. As a renewable, green and environmentally friendly new clean energy source, wind power has also received great attention. Wind turbine bearing mainly include: yaw bearing assembly, blade spindle bearing, transmission bearing, generator bearing, etc. The bearing structure mainly includes angular contact ball bearing, crossed roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, spherical roller bearing , deep groove ball bearings, etc.

Use environment

The working conditions of wind turbines are relatively harsh, the temperature and humidity vary greatly, and the bearing load is high. The wind speed is up to 23m/s and there is impact load. Therefore, the wind turbine bearing needs good sealing performance, lubrication performance and stability, and needs to withstand large impact. Under normal circumstances, the wind turbine needs to start working in 2-3 winds and can change direction with the change of wind direction. Therefore, the bearing structure needs special design to ensure low friction and high sensitivity. If it is a large yaw bearing, The outer ring of the bearing needs to have a toothed structure.

yaw bearingTechnical requirements for wind turbine bearing

The wind turbine bearing is generally made of 42CrMo material. After quenching and tempering, the intermediate frequency quenching increases the surface hardness and maintains the toughness of the core. The surface hardness is generally required to be above 58HRC, and the depth of the hardened layer is generally controlled at 3.5-5.0mm (this is the standard of SHY Bearings).
The mechanical performance requirements of wind turbines are relatively strict, such as tensile strength, yield strength, section shrinkage, elongation, impact energy J, hardness, etc. These mechanical performance parameters have strict reference standards in China. However, the standards of different countries in the world are different. SHY Bearings LTD will make corresponding changes according to the technical requirements of each customer.

SHY Bearings LTD has been involved in the field of wind power since 2000. After years of research and development, technology has matured. SHY Bearings has been fully recognized by users in the wind turbine market. At present, 8 of the world’s top 10 windmill manufacturers have established long-term cooperation with SHY BEARINGS.