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Textile machinery

Textile machinery field


There are a large number of running bearings and transmission components in the textile machine. To ensure the normal operation of the Textile machinery, a large number of bearings are needed as a support. The quality of the bearing determines the working efficiency of the textile machine. Nowadays, people are increasingly demanding the efficiency of textile machines, so the quality requirements for bearings are getting higher and higher.
There are many types of bearings used in textile machinery, such as deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, needle bearings, etc. Many bearings need to be used together with the adapter sleeve.
The yarn machine bearings produced by SHY Bearings LTD have outstanding performance and have been adopted by many textile machinery factories around the world. The special bearings for textile machines produced by SHY Bearings LTD can rotate smoothly under high speed. It has the characteristics of small amplitude, low noise, long service life and convenient maintenance. The top roller bearing has good sealing performance, flexible rotation after pressing, small friction, stable operation and low power consumption. The bottom roller bearing has the characteristics of good self-aligning effect, superior dustproof performance, strong carrying capacity, stable operation and long service life.