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Mining machinery

Mining Machinery

mining machine

The places where mining machinery and engineering machinery are active are mostly mining sites away from ordinary human life, such as mountains and deserts, and sometimes even work underground 2,000 meters. These types of machinery range from mineral grinding machines to cutting machines, screening machines, loading machines, conveyors, etc., all of which operate continuously 24 hours a day. No matter which kind of machinery has failed in these machines, it will greatly affect the production at the mining site, and the maintenance work has become very difficult due to the recent large-scale machinery.


The working environment of mining machinery is harsh, the machine vibration is serious, and there are many dusts and impurities. In this environment, mechanical bearings used in mining machinery are subject to extreme temperatures and severe vibrations and can block wear debris and dirt. Therefore, in terms of the use environment of the bearing, “heavy load + impact load”, “light load + high speed rotation”, “heavy load + low speed rotation” and the like are very harsh conditions for the bearing. Therefore, the bearings that the user desires are products that are resistant to the harshness, durability, and reliability of these harsh conditions. This requires mining machinery bearings to be durable and reliabl.In order to meet these needs of users, SHY Bearings LTD has been combining its core technologies (material technology, lubrication technology and analytical technology) with state-of-the-art bearing design technology and is committed to related research and development. SHY bearings have achieved outstanding achievements in the field of mining machinery bearings. Shybearings’ bearing products greatly exceed the “long life and high limit speed” level of conventional bearings, and help to improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs in mining sites in harsh environments. .