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Automotive bearings

Wheel bearing

Automotive bearings are the core components of automotive transmission systems. From the application point of view, the development of automotive bearings can be summarized as the expansion of universal bearings, the development of special bearings, and the improvement of bearing performance and life.
Cars typically install about 30 to 50 bearings in different drive sections. We usually classify automotive bearings according to the method of installation or use of automotive bearings: automotive engine bearings, transmission bearings, steering bearings, wheel bearings, clutch bearings, etc. Due to the versatility of the car and the bearing design, the bearings are used for different brands of cars.

SHY Bearings LTD has been engaged in bearing production for many years and has produced many types of automotive bearings. The following are some of the bearings required for automobiles:

Automotive bearings
1. The engine is the core part of the car. It requires many plain bearings, such as crankcases for crankshafts and cylinders, crankshafts and connecting rods, connecting rods and piston pins, camshafts and seat holes, all of which require sliding bearings. Pass the oil pump oil. The crankshaft and cylinder block also have ball bearing portions.
2. Engine parts, such as pumps, require the use of ball bearings.
3. Automotive clutch bearing, the clutch has a separate bearing inside, is a radial thrust ball bearing.
4. There are two bearings on each axle of the car gearbox as a support. Large vehicles are usually ball bearings, and small vehicles are usually needle bearings.
5. The car’s ten-byte drive shaft usually has four needle bearings.
6. Multi-section drive shaft is supported by ball bearings
7. For four-wheel drive differentials, the differential usually requires the use of ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.
8. Hub bearings are generally double row tapered roller bearings or double row ball bearings.
9. The steering gear is usually a ball bearing
10. Radial thrust ball bearing for front wheel knuckle
11. Double bridge truck intermediate balance shaft is tapered roller bearing