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Bearing model W208PPB8

Bearing model

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Bearing model list

203KRR2 C3 204BBAR 204 RY2 207KRRAH03
16.2x40x18.2/12 3/4″x 1.7805″x0.61″ 16×45.212×18.542/15.494 35x72x25
208KRR4 C3 5203KYY2 6203 2RS CV GE25KRRB
38.892x80x27/21 16.256x40x44.12/39.12 17×40/38.2×12 25x52x44,4
30x62x48.4 35x72x51.1 40x80x56.5 45x85x56.5
50x90x62.8 15x40x28.6 17x40x28.6 20x47x31
25x52x31 30x62x35.70 35x72x38.9 40x80x43.7
19.05x42x24.6/12 1/8″x80x36,51/30,18
PFI Ref. Application Interchange
203KRR2 C3 JOHN DEERE grain drills and rotary hoe wheels, NEW John Deere AN142670, AN281357, JD9214, Torrington
HOLLAND and other agricultural 203KRR2, IH 611050C91, Case F16246, Ford 222279, Gehl
520117, Lilliston 2050006, New Holland 66553, White 2SH862,
Fafnir 203KRR2C3
204BBAR Agricultural equipment Fafnir 204BBAR
204RY2 CASE IH Grain Drill 5300, 5500, 6300; Planter 295, 386, 800 BCA 204FVMN, Fafnir 204RY2, John Deere AA21480
series, 900540 RPM-PTO, 950 Semi-Mount, JOHN DEERE
Planter 7000, 7100, 7200, 7240, 7300, 7340
207KRRAH03C3 FORD pickups F-350, F-400, F-600, F-1000, F-2000, F-4000, F- Ford B9TZ-4840-A, General Motors 3760527, INA 207KRR AH03
11000 w/ Perkins engine (propeller shaft), GENERAL MOTORS AN03
pickups D-60, D-70 (to 1975), C-10, C-14, C-15, D-10, A-10, D-
1000 (propeller shaft)
208KRR4 C3 FORD Galaxie 500, F100 front wheel, GM C14, C15 pickups Ford 87TU1225AA, GM 7325084, INA 208KRR AH04, John
rear wheel, JOHN DEERE harvesters 1165, 1175, 1185 Deere S15039
5203KYY2 CASE 1200 series s/n CBJ0001611 and above (gauge wheel), BCA 5203VVAN, Fafnir 5203KYY2, Koyo DAC 164044-2RS,
GREAT PLAINS 2″ x 13″ and 3″ x 13″ built 1997 and after White 854003, Great Plains 822-170C, Case 324461A1A1, John
(press wheels), MARTIN SPADING late 1700 with Deere AN212132, Kinze GA6171
MaxEmerge® Plus, Pro, XP and XP Pro (rubber closing
wheels), NEW HOLLAND SP280, SP380, SP480, SP580 all s/n
PNL001065 and above, JOHN DEERE 7000 and 7100, 1560,
1565, 1590, 1690, 1860, 1895 and 1990 drills (cast closing
wheel arm), MaxEmerge® Plus, Pro, XP, XP Pro, 1530, 1535
(rubber closing wheel), KINZE 1993 and newer (gauge wheel
and closing wheel), WHITE 6000 and 8000 (gauge wheel on
8000 series and rubber or cast dual closing wheels on late
model 6000 and 8000)
6203-2RS CV Agricultural implements
GE25KRRB AGCO harvesters CA 1170/1175 DS, ID 9070/9075/9090, MF AGCO 890.014.410.025 (412.260 M1), INA GE25KRRB, John
6845/6855 (transmission tray, grain transporter, speed variator, Deere 13P 1001 (AZ 10044) (DQ 02578), New Holland 468.880
rotating filter), NEW HOLLAND harvesters (13″ and 15″ rigid
intake platform), JOHN DEERE harvesters 1165 1175 1185
1175H (rotating filter and transmission
GE30KRRB AGCO harvesters CA 1170/1175 DS, ID 9070/9075/9090 and AGCO (Massey Ferguson) 408.625 M1, INA GE30KRRB, John
MF 6845/6855 (hay transporter, discharge tube, fan axle, grain Deere 13P 1003, DQ 03225, New Holland 325.110
elevator, cutting platform), JOHN DEERE harvester 1165
(cutting mechanism), 1185/1165/1175/ 1175H (ventilator upper
rotor and pulley, grain tank discharge, discharge tube switch),
NEW HOLLAND Harvesters
4040/5030/5050/8040/8055/TC55/TC57 (unload feeding system
on centrifugal separator, corn feeding platform, discharge tube)
GE35KRRB AGCO (Massey Ferguson) haversters CA 1170/1175 DS, AGCO 890.014.410.035, INA GE35KRRB, John Deere DQ 02579
ID9070/9075/9090 and MF 6845/6855 (strainer axle, grain tank (AZ 10020), Massey Ferguson 410.583 M1, New Holland 756.965
axle), harvesters MF 3640/5650 (ventilator), MF 1630/5650
(upper platform axle), MF 1630/3640/5650 (lower platform axle,
frontal spinners), JOHN DEERE harvester 1165 (corn intake
platform), 1185/1165/1175/ 1175H (cutting mechanism, lateral
platform, intermediary transmission pulley on hay shredder,
cutting platform), NEW HOLLAND Harvesters
8040/8050/8055/TC55/ TC57/TC59 (18″ cutting platform on hay
shredder, centrifugal separator, ventilator axle, discharge tube,
GE40KRRB JOHN DEERE harvester 1165 (corn platform adapters), 1165 AGCO 412.295 M1, INA GE25KRRB, JAN 68135505, John
1175 1175H 1185 (Lower axle on infeed of short and long Deere DQ 00651, DQ 02581, AL14674, New Holland 212.609
cylinder, belt and sprocket), NEW HOLLAND harvesters 4040
8055 TC55 TC57 (hay chopper)
GE45KRRB NEW HOLLAND Harvester 830 (upper and lower chains of INA GE45KRRB, New Holland 385.424
round baller transporter), TC59 (chopper)
PFI Ref. Application Interchange
GE50KRRB AGCO (Massey Ferguson) harvesters MF 1630/3640/5650 AGCO 412.260 M1, INA GE50KRRB, New Holland 84998747
(upper discharge tube), MF 1630 (ventilator), NEW HOLLAND
harvester TC59 (upper axle of hay elevator)
RAE15NPPB Agricultural INA RAE15NPPB
RAE17NPPB Agricultural INA RAE17NPPB
RAE20NPPB AGCO harvesters MF34 and MF38 (engine installation); JOHN INA RAE20NPPB
DEERE harvesters 1165, 1175, 1175H, 1185 (rotating filter on
hydrostatic Positorq radiator); NEW HOLLAND harvesters 4040,
5030, 5050, 8040, 8055, TC55, TC57 (centrifugal separator);
4040 and 5050 (rotating air intake)
RAE25NPPB AGCO MF34 MF38 (grain elevator), NEW HOLLAND 1530 – INA RAE25NPPB
4040 – 5050 (cutting platform), JOHN DEERE (cross shaker)
TC59 (unloading tube, harvesting platform, and grain elevator),
8040 and 8050 (grain elevator, grain exhaust tube), 1530
(cutting platform, air intake), JOHN DEERE 1165 (front and
back camshaft, ventilator intermediary transmission)
RAE35NPPB Agricultural INA RAE35NPPB
RAE40NPPB Agricultural INA RAE40NPPB
SBX0410LLU/3E Agricultural NTN SBX0410LLU/3E, Fafnir RAL012NPPB2
W208PPB8 Agricultural Fafnir W208PPB8, NTN 2AS08-1 1/8



High quality bearing supply, factory direct sales, bearing prices are cheap, please contact us if necessary.Sales@shybearings.com. https://www.shybearings.com/

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