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Bearing factory direct sales 5204-2RS C3

Bearing factory direct sales

We are a professional manufacturer of bearings, supplying high quality bearings, can be customized for non-standard bearings, if you need bearings, please contact us.sales@shybearings.com https://www.shybearings.com/

Bearing model list

5200-2RS C3 5201-2RS C3 5202-2RS C3 5203-2RS C3
10x30x14.3 12x32x15.9 15x35x15.9 17x40x17.5
5204-2RS C3 5205-2RS C3 5206-2RS C3 5207-2RS C3
20x47x20.6 25x52x20.6 30x62x23.8 35x72x27
5208-2RS C3 5209-2RS C3 5210-2RS C3 5302-2RS C3
40x80x30.2 45x85x30.2 50x90x30.2 15x42x19
5303-2RS C3 5304-2RS C3 5305-2RS C3 5306-2RS C3
17x47x22.2 20x52x22.2 25x62x25.4 30x72x30.2
5307-2RS C3 5308-2RS C3 5309-2RS C3 5310-2RS C3
35x80x34.9 40x90x36.5 45x100x39.7 50x110x44.4
16002 C3 16003 C3 16004 C3 606-2RS C3
15x32x8 17x35x8 20x42x8 6x17x6
607-2RS C3 608-2RS C3 609-2RS C3 623-2RS C3
7x19x6 8x22x7 9x24x7 3x10x4
623-ZZ C3 624-2RS C3 624-ZZ C3 625-2RS C3
3x10x4 4x13x5 4x13x5 5x16x5
626-2RS C3 627-2RS C3 628-2RS C3 629-2RS C3
6x19x6 7x22x7 8x24x8 9x26x8
629-ZZ C3 638-2RS C3 684-2RS C3 685-2RS C3
9x26x8 8x28x9 4x9x4 5x11x5
686-2RS C3 688-2RS C3 689-2RS C3 695-2RS C3
6x13x5 8x16x5 9x17x5 5x13x4
696-2RS C3 698-2RS C3 6000-2RS C3 6001-2RS C3
6x15x5 8x19x6 10x26x8 12x28x8
6002-2RS C3 6003-2RS C3 6004-2RS C3 6005-2RS C3
15x32x9 17x35x10 20x42x12 25x47x12
6006-2RS C3 6007-2RS C3 6008-2RS C3 6009-2RS C3
30x55x13 35x62x14 40x68x15 45x75x16
6010-2RS C3 6011-2RS C3 6012-2RS C3 6013-2RS C3
50x80x16 55x90x18 60x95x18 65x100x18
6014-2RS C3 6015-2RS C3 6016-2RS C3 6200-2RS C3
70x110x20 75x115x20 80x125x22 10x30x9
6201-2RS C3 6202-2RS C3 6203-2RS C3 6204-2RS C3
12x32x10 15x35x11 17x40x12 20x47x14
6205-2RS C3 6206-2RS C3 6207-2RS C3 6208-2RS C3
25x52x15 30x62x16 35x72x17 40x80x18
6209-2RS C3 6210-2RS C3 6211-2RS C3 6212-2RS C3
45x85x19 50x90x20 55x100x21 60x110x22
6213-2RS C3 6300-2RS C3 6301-2RS C3 6302-2RS C3
65x120x23 10x35x11 12x37x12 15x42x13
6303-2RS C3 6304-2RS C3 6305-2RS C3 6306-2RS C3
17x47x14 20x52x15 25x62x17 30x72x19
6307-2RS C3 6308-2RS C3 6309-2RS C3 6310-2RS C3
35x80x21 40x90x23 45x100x25 50x110x27
6311-2RS C3 6312-2RS C3 6313-2RS C3 6403-2RS C3
55x120x29 60x130x31 65x140x33 17x62x17


6800-2RS C3 6801-2RS C3 6802-2RS C3 6803-2RS C3
10x19x5 12x21x5 15x24x5 17x26x5
6804-2RS C3 6805-2RS C3 6900-2RS C3 6901-2RS C3
20x32x7 25x37x7 10x22x6 12x24x6
6902-2RS C3 6903-2RS C3 6904-2RS C3 6905-2RS C3
15x28x7 17x30x7 20x37x9 25x42x9
6906-2RS C3 6907-2RS C3 6908-2RS C3 62000-2RS C3
30x47x9 35x55x10 40x62x12 10x26x10
62200-2RS C3 62201-2RS C3 62202-2RS C3 62203-2RS C3
10x30x14 12x32x14 15x35x14 17x40x16
62204-2RS C3 62205-2RS C3 62206-2RS C3 62301-2RS C3
20x47x18 25x52x18 30x62x20 12x37x17
62302-2RS C3 62303-2RS C3 62304-2RS C3 62305-2RS C3
15x42x17 17x47x19 20x52x21 25x62x24
62306-2RS C3 62310-2RS C3 63001-2RS C3 63004-2RS C3
30x72x27 50x110x40 12x28x12 20x42x16
PFI Ref. Application Interchange
16002 C3 KTM 250 XS 2006-2007 (engine), 250 EXC Six-days KTM 0625160020
2004, 250 SX 2003 (exhaust control)
16003 C3 KTM 625 LC4 2002 (balancer shaft) KTM 0625160030
16004 C3 KTM 250XS 2006-2007 (transmission), 250 EXC Six- KTM 0625160040
days 2004, 300 EXC E-ST 2007, 250 SX 2003 (balancer
shaft), 625 LC4 2002, SHERCO Enduro 4.5i (crankcase)
6000-2RS C3 DELCO CS121, CS130 alternators (slip ring end), Delco 1989646, 10472207, Nippondenso
DELCO 28MT, MITSUBISHI OSGR, NIPPONDENSO 9491001380, VW 028105313, KTM 0625060002,
1.0, 1.4, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0KW OSGR starters (armature) Massey Ferguson D41616400
6001-2RS C3 BOSCH alternators (slip ring end), HITACHI OSGR Bosch 1900905103, 1900905164, 10900905167,
starters (armature), KTM 625 LC4 2002 (clutch) Hitachi 21302302, Nippondenso 9491002250,
Nissan 23358J5500, KTM 0625060016
6002-2RS C3 NIPPONDENSO alternators (slip ring end), HITACHI Delco 10498717, Honda 91006634008, Motorcraft
OSGR, Mitsuba SM402, MITSUBISHI OSGR, MCE431, Nippondenso 9491001860, Toyota
NIPPONDENSO 1.0, 1.2, 1.4KW starters (armature) 90099101113, Volvo 183856, Lucas 66201017,
Valeo 593688, Bosch 190095162
6003-2RS C3 NIPPONDENSO 24 volt alternators (slip ring end), Allis Chalmers 272033, Case A47248, Delco
DELCO 28MT, MITSUSBISHI OSGR, NIPPONDENDO 10456461, Alfa Romeo 10555.04311.00, John
2.5, 4.5KW OSGR starters (armature), KTM 125 1998, Deere CH12553, Nippondenso 9491001930,
620LC4 1998, VICON BW1400 (Appli-cutter) 9491002210, KTM 0625060037, Vicon
KG01354500, Massey Ferguson 1142497X1
6004-2RS C3 HITACHI OSGR, MITSUBA SM302, SM402, BMW 32411125518, Fiat 9934626, Hitachi
NIPPONDENSO 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 2.0KW OSGR starters 211445502, John Deere JD 30049, Nippondenso
(drive end), VICON RF2235 2007 (Net Binding Roller), 9491000240, Nissan 23363M4900, ThermoKing
LEROY-SOMER LS71 771580, Vicon KG01355200, Massey Ferguson
6005-2RS C3 DELCO 28MT (drive shaft), NIPPONDENSO 2.5, 3.0, Delco 10456463, Volvo 183502, Fiat-Allis
4.5, 5.5KW starters (drive end), KTM 125 1998, 250 24905270, KTM 0625060058, Folan 360032,
EXC Six-days 2004 (Wheel), FOLAN V290 W03 Massey Ferguson 391077X1
Industrial Engine, LEROY SOMER LS71
6006-2RS C3 HITACHI PMGR starters (DE), Bus blower motors, Alfa Romeo 11600.12453.08, Citroen 7903090234,
VICON RF2235 2007 (Tensioner) Renault 7703090220, Claas 237832, Massey
Ferguson 390941 X1, Vicon KG01461100, Massey
Ferguson 390941X1
6007-2RS C3 SCANIA trucks 110/111/112/113, 140/180 (fuel injection Alfa Romeo 116081245401, Allis Chalmers 233883,
pump), TRAVAINI pump TRVX255/1, VICON BW1400 Hanomag 994 010 149, Vicon KG01358300,
Massey Ferguson 339900X1
6008-2RS C3 Hydraulic pump on tractors, TRAVAINI pump Fiat 24905120, Massey Ferguson 195047 M1,
TRVX255/1 339780X1, Saab 9381450
6009-2RS C3 VOLVO B58 B58BR trucks (center support shaft) Valmet 610060094, Fiat 24905130, Massey
Ferguson 1440912 X1, Volvo 181467
6010-2RS C3 Hydraulic pumps on tractors Hanomag 0635 331 223, International ST 561,
Michigan 230885, Volvo 184647, Massey Ferguson
6011-2RS C3 Massey Ferguson 391088X1
6012-2RS C3 VOLKSWAGEN truck models 12.170 14.150 14.170 Massey Ferguson 391145X1
15.170 16.170 17.300 (clutch)
6013-2RS C3 John Deere AZ46129 CH18554 ER027659, LUK
500067300, Renault 600127659
6014-2RS C3 VICON RV 1901 Balepack Fiat 24905360, Scania 215139, Vicon UH870672,
KG01362800, Massey Ferguson 390947X1
6015-2RS C3 Massey Ferguson D41617700
6016-2RS C3 Massey Ferguson D41616000
606-2RS C3 BOSCH, MAKITA, DEWALT power tools
607-2RS C3 BOSCH, MAKITA, DEWALT power tools Bosch 2600905032
608-2RS C3 DELCO PMGR, HITACHI, MITSUBA, MITSUBISHI, Caterpillar 3T7524, Delco 9440924, 10498718,
NIKKO, NIPPONDENSO starters (armature), KTM 125 Hitachi 211415502, KTM 0625006087,
1998, 250 SXS-F 2006 (sub frame) Nippondenso 9491001360, Nissan 23319M4900,
John Deere CH12551, Thermoking 771577, Toyota
609-2RS C3 BOSCH, MAKITA, BLACK & DECKER, DEWALT power Vicon KG01348100
tools, VICON BW1400 (Appli-cutter)

We are a professional manufacturer of bearings, supplying high quality bearings, can be customized for non-standard bearings, if you need bearings, please contact us.sales@shybearings.com https://www.shybearings.com/

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