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Motor bearing

Motor bearing


Motor bearing are special bearings for motors or motors. The bearings used in the motor are the components that support the shaft. It can guide the rotation of the shaft as well as the parts that are idle on the shaft. This is a very important part, so the bearings used on the motor need to withstand considerable radial loads and high speeds.
SHY Bearings LTD specializes in precision bearings for motors, gearboxes and reducers with smooth rotation, low noise and long life.

Motor bearings
There are four types of bearings commonly used in motors, namely ball bearings, roller bearings, plain bearings and Porous Bearing. Miniature or small motors are generally Porous Bearing bearings with few accessories and maintenance-free, which is conducive to simplifying the structure; sliding bearings are mainly used for medium and large motors, suitable for heavy-duty and impact-resistant applications. The most common motor bearing are bearings with rolling elements.


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Automotive bearings


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